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The Academy Mission:   A Singular Approach to Education, Building a Healing Community

The roots of our Academy run deep within our community and are reflective of our commitment to service. Our educational approach is innovative and began with several community service projects for women in transition, victims of trauma, individuals without access to healthcare or the treatment of serious medical conditions as well as treating patients from the local mission district and the homeless community. It was from this platform of service that the Academy began, grew, and thrived.

Service as a means of building a healing community is at the heart of our vision, mission, and activities. We firmly adhere to concept of “Let deeds, not words, be your adorning” and as such we are keenly focused on service through action, and not words alone. We have adopted a broad and all-encompassing vision that champions the principles of the oneness of humanity, unity in diversity, and spiritual equality.

We recognize and celebrate the nobility of humankind as spiritual beings, and the importance of consultation and collaboration for the betterment of both the individual and the community. These are key tenets for our diverse family of teachers, staff, and students, people who have united in a common mission of service with each other and with their communities in the hope of building a healing community.

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  My education at Blue Heron was excellent.  I went for career improvement and received the training and understanding I needed.  'Been at my new job six years after graduating and love it.    Tanya Whitcomb